Environmentally friendly high-grade cement

Stopping the Climate change is the challenge of the 21th century. The future of our earth is determined by the choices we make today.

ORCEM chooses for the future, by upgrading industrial by-products to a high quality product for the use as cementitious binder in concrete and mortar. Granulated blast furnace slag is grained by ORCEM to an environmental friendly binder for concrete (ECO2cem). The unique properties of ECO2cem guarantee durable concrete (ECO2concrete) with respect for the environment (ECO2logical). It is the most sustainable cementitious binder for concrete and mortar.

ORCEM chooses for the future. You too?


I’m more interested in the future than in the past, because the future is where I intend te live.

Albert Einstein

Who we are

ORCEM B.V., founded in 2001 for development and production of environmental friendly binders for concrete and mortar, is a subsidiary of the Irish Ecocem Materials Limited in Dublin

At our facilities in Moerdijk we grind granulated blast furnace slag to a high quality cementitious binder for concrete and morta (ECO2cem), for durable and sustainable concrete (ECO2concrete) with respect for the environment (ECO2logical).

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Where we stand for

Here at Orcem B.V. our main concern is for our customers, suppliers, the environment and the community which we operate in. Our aim is establish long term relations and a pleasant and cooperative environment for all concerned parties.

Our challenge is to continue and stay as the best in production, application and knowledge of Ecocem as a responsible and low carbon binder for concrete and mortar.

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Our production

Eco2cem is produced from a by-product of the steel industry which we upcycle granulated blast furnace slag to an environmental friendly cementitious binder for concrete and mortar (ECO2cem).

Production takes place in a closed dry- and grinding process, specially designed for the production of ECO2cem with its unique properties. The factory has deposits, bunkers, roll-press and a mill with separators and storage silos for the finished products.

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Unique properties

Eco2cem offers a number of unque properties and benefits to maximise the performance of your concrete, these include:

These unique properties are: Environmental friendly; Freedom of choice; Superior; Beautiful.

ECO2cem represents a responsible choice.

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Latest news

  • TU Delft team wins award “most durable concrete canoe” - 27, 28 and 29 May organized the annual concrete canoe race through the HAN. The races took place in the Park Presikhaaf Arnhem This year’s 33 teams and over 200 participants took part. ORCEM B.V. the team sponsored U-BASE (TU Delft). The canoe U-BASE won a prize!
  • Orcem achieves ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification - Kiwa Netherlands has awarded ISO 9001 and 14001 certification to Orcem B.V. The team of auditors has assessed the documentation and implementation of the management system. Observed is that Orcem designed the system according to the ISO standards and acts correspondently. The certificates are issued on 1th

Our Support

ORCEM has experienced staff, intimately involved in sending our message. They have good knowledge about production, quality and environmental aspects of concrete and mortar made with ECO2cem. This knowledge we want to share with you. We think in solutions for our customers, principals, engineers and architects.

Solutions for: engineers, principals and architects